GEEKOM Mini PC Mini IT13, 13th Gen Intel i9-13900H NUC13 Mini Computers(14 Cores,20 Threads) 32GB DDR4/2TB PCIe Gen 4 SSD Windows 11 Pro Desktop PC Support Wi-Fi 6E/Bluetooth 5.2/USB 4.0/2.5G LAN/8K



In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the quest for powerful and efficient computing solutions has always been at the forefront of innovation. With each passing generation, processors are pushed to their limits, offering unprecedented performance and capabilities. In this review, we delve into the realm of the GEEKOM Mini IT13, equipped with the 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i9/i7/i5 processors, to uncover its potential and impact on the computing world.

Unveiling the GEEKOM Mini IT13

The GEEKOM Mini IT13 is a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence in computing technology. Boasting the latest 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i9/i7/i5 processors, this compact powerhouse is designed to deliver exceptional performance for a wide range of computing tasks. Whether it’s intensive gaming, content creation, or professional applications, the GEEKOM Mini IT13 aims to redefine the standards of computing power and efficiency.

Performance and Power Efficiency

At the heart of the GEEKOM Mini IT13 lies the 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, representing a significant leap forward in performance and power efficiency. With advanced architecture and cutting-edge technologies, these processors are engineered to deliver unparalleled speed and responsiveness, making multitasking and demanding workloads a seamless experience. Furthermore, the power efficiency of these processors ensures that users can enjoy sustained performance without compromising on energy consumption, making it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious users.

Graphics and Multimedia Capabilities

In addition to its formidable processing power, the GEEKOM Mini IT13 integrates advanced graphics and multimedia capabilities, further enhancing its versatility and appeal. Equipped with integrated Intel® Iris® Xe graphics, users can expect immersive visuals and seamless 4K playback, ideal for gaming, content creation, and entertainment purposes. Furthermore, the GEEKOM Mini IT13’s support for multiple displays and high-resolution output offers a truly immersive computing experience, elevating productivity and entertainment to new heights.

Connectivity and Expansion Options

The GEEKOM Mini IT13 is not only a powerhouse in terms of performance but also in its connectivity and expansion options. With a plethora of ports, including USB-C, Thunderbolt™, and HDMI, users can effortlessly connect to a wide array of peripherals and devices, ensuring seamless integration with their existing setup. Furthermore, the GEEKOM Mini IT13’s support for high-speed Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 enables users to stay connected and productive, whether at home or on the go. Additionally, the expandability of the GEEKOM Mini IT13 allows users to customize and upgrade their system according to their evolving needs, ensuring longevity and adaptability.

Design and Thermal Management

The GEEKOM Mini IT13’s design is a testament to both form and function, combining sleek aesthetics with efficient thermal management. Its compact form factor makes it an ideal choice for users seeking a space-saving solution without compromising on performance. Furthermore, the innovative thermal design ensures optimal cooling and quiet operation, even under demanding workloads, providing a seamless and reliable computing experience.


In conclusion, the GEEKOM Mini IT13, powered by the 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i9/i7/i5 processors, represents a significant milestone in the realm of computing technology. Its exceptional performance, power efficiency, graphics capabilities, connectivity options, and thoughtful design make it a compelling choice for users seeking a versatile and powerful computing solution. Whether it’s for professional use, gaming, content creation, or everyday computing tasks, the GEEKOM Mini IT13 stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence in technology.

As the computing landscape continues to evolve, the GEEKOM Mini IT13 sets a new standard for compact computing solutions, offering a glimpse into the future of high-performance, energy-efficient computing. With its unwavering commitment to innovation and user-centric design, the GEEKOM Mini IT13 is poised to leave a lasting impact on the computing world, catering to the diverse needs and aspirations of users worldwide.

In an era where computing power and efficiency are paramount, the GEEKOM Mini IT13 stands as a beacon of technological prowess, embodying the spirit of innovation and excellence. As we eagerly anticipate the next wave of technological advancements, the GEEKOM Mini IT13 serves as a testament to the endless possibilities that lie ahead in the realm of computing.



  • 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900H , Core i7-13700H or Core i5-13500H
  • Intel® Iris® Xe graphics offer improved performance
  • Extensive port selection including two USB4 ports and two HDMI 2.0 ports
  • Intel® Bluetooth® 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6E for faster connections
Processor 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900H (14 Cores, 20 Threads 24MB Cache, up to 5.40 GHz)
GPU Intel Iris Xe
Operating System Windows 11 Pro
Memory Offer 32GB Dual-channel 3200MHz DDR4-SODIMM, expandable up to 64GB
Storage Offer 1x 2TB M.2 2280 PCIe Gen 4 x4 SSD; Offer 1x M.2 2242 SATA SSD slot, expandable up to 1TB; 1 x 2.5″ SATA HDD (7mm), expandable up to 2TB
Wireless Connectivity Wi-Fi 6E & Bluetooth v5.2
Item Dimensions 4.6 x 4.4 x 1.8 inches
Item Weight 652 g/1.43 lbs
Interface 2 x HDMI 2.0 ports, 2 x USB4 ports, 3 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, 1 x USB 2.0 port, 1 x SD card reader, 1 x 3.5 mm headphone jack, 1 x 2.5GbE LAN port
Package 1 x Mini IT13 Mini PC, 1 x HDMI Cable, 1 x VESA Mount, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x User Guide, 1 x Thank You Card

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